For our first blog post, we thought it would be fitting to tell you a little bit about ourselves and how we have developed Crush Cocktail Bars as a brand and company to date.

The Crush Adventure Begins

In early 2013 two guys, decided to create a mobile cocktail bar company called Crush Cocktail Bar.

The aim was pretty simple, to create a sophisticated, high end and qwerky mobile bar service that could cater for couples getting married.

The idea came about the guys experience during university and their knowledge and connections within the wedding industry.

Having attended numerous nights out during university, they started to notice there was a demand for new innovative drinks. People wanted the most unique drink on the menu and wanted it served in the most exciting way possible. People wanted their drink to wow and surprise them.

That coupled with the lack of innovative mobile bar suppliers within the industry, the guys decided to try their hand at venturing into the market focusing their attentions predominantly around the wedding industry.

Surprising First Year Success  

In today’s modern climate, every business expects to make a loss in their first year.  Brand awareness is low, people are sceptical about new services not to mention the vast number of competitors within any particular market.

Crush however continued to show growth from month to month and managed to avoid a loss in their first year of trading.  This was remarkable considering the guys had no website for clients to visit and only used social media sites Facebook,Twitter and word of mouth as their main marketing tools.

It was the latter that actually proved most successful. People were becoming aware of a new era, a new way of serving drinks and creating an exciting bar experience at a wedding.  New drinks were being served at weddings that guests had never even thought of.  Thanks to Crush, gone were the days of ordering a traditional mojito or a sex on the beach. Now guests were ordering the eye catching Blue Lychee Martini, or the childhood favourite Bubblegum pop.

Fame through Essex    

As the wedding bookings flooded in, the guys were always looking for the stand out moment.  Something to give them hope that this was more than a part time venture.

Through social media, contact was made from an events company in Essex who were looking for something special, something unique for one of their high profile clients.  Being impressed with what Crush had to offer, the team were then booked for a celebrity filled event for the Wright family from the BAFTA winning hit show, The Only Way is Essex.

After one small party with Wright family, the guys were suddenly getting more enquiries from stars from the show.  A launch party for Danielle Armstrong, an appearance on the TV show and events for Mark Wright & Michelle Keegan all continued to help showcase the Crush brand

 The Expansion

After a successful two year period, it came to a point where a decision had to be made.  The guys could carry on performing cocktail bar services on the back of their full time jobs, but realised in the end, as demand for their services continued to increase, the next big step was needed.

After a number of meetings with the guys and their team, they decided it was time to take Crush full time and develop the Crush brand. It was time to expend into further markets & add a number of different services to gain a better foothold within the events market.  The aim was to provide a full, well rounded bar service so that clients could get all of their drinks and mobile bar needs in one place.

A few months later Crush are now working with hotels, wedding venues, caterers and large corporates providing an innovative mobile bar experience for all events.  Other services include, cocktail masterclass, menu development, bar consultancy, beer bar service and much more.

The Future  

What the future holds for Crush nobody knows.  The growth the company has experienced within a short space of time has been remarkable, especially with no website for two years and minimal marketing expenditure.

What we can predict is exciting times for Crush Cocktail Bars as they are now know look to dominate the events industry.   Watch this space!