Two weeks ago Crush Cocktail Bars were invited by The Bloggers Hangout to host a cocktail bar at their Fashion Bloggers event with a unique twist.

We were approached directly by The Bloggers Hangout who felt that our services and brand characteristics would tie in nicely with their brand and event.


The event on the day proved a huge success and was the first time that Crush had ever ran a live tweet bar. To order their drink bloggers, models and guests would tweet the drink they would like followed by a hashtag.  This proved an instant success for both ourselves and The Bloggers Hangout as twitter feeds were overtaken with orders for Bubble-Gum Pop, Cucumber Chills and the popular Bloggertini.

Alongside our cocktails, the floor was full of fashion enthusiasts and celebrities checking out the latest trends and new companies that had been causing a stir in the fashion and lifestyle market.  And throughout the event, bloggers and guests were treated to a live catwalk where models were showing off the latest and newest trends.

For more images from The Bloggers Hangout event in London, please visit our gallery.