Crush Corporate Event Mobile Cocktail Bars

Crush corporate event mobile cocktail bars are perfect for any event all year round.  Whether you are celebrating a successful year of business or want to treat some of your prestige clients, our mobile bar hire service is perfect for people who are looking to make the right impression.

We have a number of different Corporate event packages to choose from so you can ensure that the service you choose meets the requirements of your event.

Mobile Cocktail Bar Hire Packages

All of our Corporate mobile cocktail bar hire packages will provide you with the basic essentials to run a full cocktail bar service including: –

  • Cocktails & Mocktails
  • Mobile Cocktail Bar
  • Professional Bar Staff
  • Professional Mixologists
  • Glassware
  • Alcohol
  • Mixers
  • Liquors
  • Utensils

Service Hours

Service hours can vary and clients can choose anything from 1-6 hours of service depending on their needs.  And if the cocktails are going down well and you require us for longer than you requested, we are happy to extend the service with payment taken later that day or at an agreed time.

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The Very Best Mobile Bar Service

We have worked with hundreds of corporate clients over the last couple of years, with each service being different from event to event. Whether you are looking for a mobile cocktail bar hire only service, or a full mobile cocktail bar service, Crush Cocktails can cater for any requirements you may have to ensure your event runs smoothly and efficiently.

We understand that not everyone may enjoy a cocktail, or they may want some added variety and that is why we can offer a service where we can serve all types of alcohol and drinks.  And if you think that’s impressive, you will be happy to know that all of the drinks listed on our very own cocktail menu can also be served as mocktails.  That way no one gets to miss out! As well as mobile cocktail bar hire, we also do: Martini Reception,  Champagne Reception, Shot Service,  Beer Bar Service and Professional Bartender Hire

Personalised Menu & Drinks

At Crush Cocktail Bars everything we provide needs to be unique and personal.  And that is no different when it comes to our drinks and menus.

Ever wanted to create and name after yourselves, or wanted to create the look and feel of your very own drinks menu? with Crush mobile cocktail bar hire, you can have your own personalised menu.

Crush now offers an event  service where you can do just that.  Whether it’s creating your own drink from scratch, giving all of your drinks different names or just creating a menu that fits your event, Crush will ensure all your demands are met so you can get the service you require.  You see nothing is out reach for Crush Cocktail Bars!

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We can provide you with a seemless mobile cocktail bar hire service, providing mobile cocktail bar hire and professional highly trained cocktail and beer bartenders that can make your event run smoothly. Have a look at our reception services like Martini Reception,  Champagne Reception, and Shot Service.  We are sure we can work with you to make your planned events spectacular.

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Area’s we cover

Mobile cocktail bar hire in London and M25 Area
Mobile cocktail bar hire in Surrey area
Mobile cocktail bar hire in Essex and surrounding area’s

Mobile cocktail bar hire in the North West
Mobile cocktail bar hire in Birmingham (anywhere)
Mobile cocktail bar hire in Manchester (anywhere)
Mobile cocktail bar hire in Nottingham (anywhere)
Mobile cocktail bar hire in Leeds (anywhere)

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Do you need a quote straight away? give us a call on 020 3507 1210

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